Insights at Bondoc si Asociatii

On 22 March 2018, Bondoc si Asociatii and ASD will organize an open day event and workshop, which will give law students the chance to get beyond a law firm’s website or brochure and find out what a lawyer’s working…

Bondoc si Asociatii by the side of a large group regarding the Romanian law aspects pertaining to its bid for businesses formerly owned by SABMiller Limited (formerly SABMiller plc) in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary, and other related assets that were owned by SABMiller prior to its combination with AB InBev

Bondoc si Asociatii Obtain an Important Confirmation in Administrative Litigation Area: Nullification of Documents Issued Based on Provisions of Government Ordinances Declared Unconstitutional in Other Cases

Bondoc & Asociatii Partner of ZF Pharma Summit of 22-23 September 2015

Lucian Bondoc Speaker in First Summit Day–asociatii-partner-al-zf-pharma-summit-2015-lucian-bondoc-speaker-in-prima-zi-a-conferintei

Bondoc si Asociatii Stands with the Seller in a Transaction under Which Abris Capital Partner Invests in Pehart Group

Abris Capital Partners investeste in grupul de companii Pehart. Clifford Chance Badea, PwC si Bondoc si Asociatii, in tranzactie.

Mihaela Bondoc Speaker at ONGLex

Resurse si disponibilitate pentru asistenta juridica pro bono. Mihaela Bondoc, speaker la ONGLex.–asociatii-speaker-la-onglex

Willem Vis Moot Court Competition

Oana-Maria Ștefănescu and Vlad Macovei will represent the Faculty of Law of the West University of Timișoara at the 22nd edition of the renowned international commercial arbitration competition Willem C. Vis. The team’s participation in the competition is also supported…

New team extension

Andrea Gal, Codrin Mihaila and Alexandru Daniliuc joined the team of Bondoc si Asociatii starting from October. The main practice areas in which they will work include mergers & acquisitions, real estate, pharmaceutical industry, competition law and litigation. Thus, the…

According to a Top Prepared by Law Firms with Relevant Practice in the Area, Claw-back Tax Ranks First among Issues Faced by the Pharmaceutical Sector (I) (II)  

Raluca Voinescu – competition law aspects and B&A’s practice in the area (V) (IV) (III) (II)  (I)

Public Procurement: How Would Lawyers Improve „Ambiguous and Thick” Legislation. Top Issues Occurring in Specific Procedures and Most Sophisticated Projects  (II)  (I)

Trends Perceived by Lawyers in Energy Sector. What Type of Consulting Is Provided by Law Firms to Companies in Energy Area  (III)  (II)  (I)

Lawyers of Bondoc si Asociatii, speakers in the 10th International Conference on the topic ‘Trends in the National, European and International Legislation in the Financial and Banking Area’

In the conference, Simona Petrisor, Managing Counsel with Bondoc si Asociatii, gave a presentation on the topic ‘Restructuring of Banking Activities through Business Transfer.’ Simona underlined the fact that: ‘Bank restructuring operations have become increasingly frequent. However, these continue to…

New team extension

Horatiu Dan Dumitru  – has joined the firm as a Managing Counsel. Horatiu has been a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2000 and holds a Ph.D. in Civil Law. Before joining the firm, he was Managing Associate with Musat…

Team expansion

Mihaela Bondoc has joined the firm as a Partner. Mihaela Bondoc has been a member of the Bucharest Bar since 1999 and holds an LLM in business law. Before joining our firm, she was a Director with KPMG in Romania.…

Newly promoted lawyers

Simona Petrisor was promoted to the position of Managing Counsel. Ioana Katona, Gabriel Voinescu and Raluca Voinescu were promoted to the position of Managing Associate. Mihaela Ciocirlea, Cristina Gavrila, Claudiu Timpau and Anda Teampau were promoted to the position of…