Insights at Bondoc si Asociatii

On 22 March 2018, Bondoc si Asociatii and ASD will organize an open day event and workshop, which will give law students the chance to get beyond a law firm’s website or brochure and find out what a lawyer’s working life is really like. Visitors will meet the lawyers, see their working environment, observe how they interact with each other and benefit from invaluable first-hand information about applying to law firms and being an attorney-at-law.

This event will also offer students a chance to understand the realities of a career in law, the challenges of the profession, and what the role of a lawyer is like day-to-day.

The event will take place at Bondoc si Asiociatii office located at 34 Londra St., District 1, Bucharest, starting at 10:00 hours.

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