📢Lucian Bondoc, speaker at YOU ARE THE FUTURE IN BUSINESS conference

Lucian Bondoc, Managing Partner, at Bondoc și Asociații, participated in the ZF conference You are the future in business. New generation in business: Who carries forward the Romanian entrepreneurial businesses.

BONDOC ȘI ASOCIATII Law Firm together with ZIARUL FINANCIAL and BRD invites you to watch online the conference that held place on Thursday, June 22, in Arad, started at 09:30 a.m.

During the event, the following topics were discussed:

➡The transfer between generations in business has consequences for the entire Romanian economy, it is not a particular situation.

➡What options does a business company have when the founder retires: handover to the heirs, exit to an investment fund, sale to a strategic partner, listing on the stock exchange?

➡How can the company take advantage / make a profit from the transfer between generations. What new visions and plans can the new generations of entrepreneurs bring; advantages and disadvantages of transfer.

You can watch here Lucian Bondoc speaking in the conference, starting from 1:19:29.