🙋‍♂️Lucian Bondoc, speaker at YOU ARE THE FUTURE IN BUSINESS conference

Lucian Bondoc, Managing Partner, at Bondoc și Asociații, participated in the ZF conference You are the future in business. New generation in business: Who carries forward agri-businesses?

BONDOC ȘI ASOCIATII Law Firm together with ZIARUL FINANCIAR and BRD invites you to watch online the conference that was held on Thursday, August 31, in Slobozia, starting at 02:30 p.m.

“It’s a harder job and you also depend on two factors that you don’t really depend on in other sectors: the climate factor and the fact that this is a sector that depends to a higher extent on the state than other sectors given that it was politically decided to keep the price of food down, which comes with a cost of such subsidies “, says Lucian Bondoc.

You can watch here Lucian Bondoc speaking in the conference, starting from 1:16:00.