Digitization of the banking system. Opportunities, risks, progress

Our colleague Simona Petrisor will attend as speaker the tenth edition of the Banking Law Conference organized by the Centre for Business Law of the Faculty of Law of the Timisoara West University on “Digitization of the banking system. Opportunities, risks, progress”.


The conference held on Friday 25th of March will be available online on the homepage of Juridice.ro and is part of the Legal Colloquia of the National Bank of Romania, being organized in collaboration with the Legal Department of this institution.


Simona’s intervention will focus on the topic “Is the current European regulation adapted to the digitization of financial services? New regulation directions“, aiming to summarize the most recent recommendations issued at the European level for harmonization of the legislative framework in consideration of the accelerated digitalization of the financial services.


More details about the event, including the agenda thereof, may be found here