Intended new grid connection rules in Romania: replacing the first-come-first-served basis with an auction-based mechanism for grid capacity allocation

Against the background of the increasing number of grid connection requests, relative to the available grid capacity, the National Energy Regulatory Authority (“ANRE”) intends to implement significant changes to the allocation of available grid capacity through market-based methods, thereby promoting a mechanism to ensure a competitive environment and greater predictability for the development of energy projects. In this regard, on February 1st, 2024, ANRE published, for a 30-day public consultation, the Draft Order approving the Methodology regarding the allocation of electricity grid capacity for the connection of electricity production sites (the “Methodology”), as well as amending and supplementing certain orders of the President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority with regard to users’ connection to the public electricity grid (the “Draft Order”).

Being subject to public consultation, the Draft Order will most likely undergo amendments, but due to the importance of the legislative act we wish to summarize, even at this stage, the main elements of the Draft Order provisions, as well as some aspects of context.

Authors of article: Monica Iancu – Partner, Vasile Soltan – Associate and Alina Zaharia – Junior Associate

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