Romanian PPP legislative saga….are we there yet?

A new piece of the complex puzzle of public private partnerships in Romania came recently into the form of a new law, namely Law no. 7/2024 for the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no.39/2018 on PPP (“Law 7/2024”), which brings significant amendments to the PPP regime. Also, in order to further support the recourse to the PPP tool, the Public Investment Management Unit within the Ministry of Finance commissioned a technical assistance project with DG Reform following which a comprehensive package of guides were published on 9 February 2024 on the website of the Ministry of Finance, with the aim to facilitate the understanding by the public sector of this tool, in order to increase its use in practice.

While the legislative history regarding PPP in Romania seems to be longer than any of the roads and bridges built in Romania, in the past twenty years, the newly enacted law is also aimed at improving the existing legal framework and aligning it to the international best practices on matters of PPP, hoping to turn this tool into an effective mechanism for the implementation of a series of important investment objectives that Romania would like to achieve.

Authors of article: Simona Petrișor – Partner and Horațiu Dumitru – Managing Counsel

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