The odyssey of urban planning in Bucharest

Bucharest is currently going down a rocky road insofar as urban regulations are concerned, which have gone through a real odyssey, from being judicially and administratively suspended, to some of them ending up by being finally cancelled by the administrative litigation courts. The symptoms of illegality have set in slowly but surely, starting with the chaotic development of constructions until such breaches were finally established by administrative authorities and courts of justice. The cancellation in first instance court a few months ago of the general urban plan (“PUG“) of Bucharest caused a potentially major crack in the very foundation of urban regulations at the capital city level.

Looking ahead, we do not think we have reasons to be too optimistic, as long as the authorities are talking about a horizon that extends to the end of 2023 for the adoption of a new PUG for Bucharest. Until that time, citizens will probably have the misfortune to live in a city lacking almost any urban plans.

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